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Dryer Cylinder Surface Passivation

Dryer Cylinder Surface Passivation combines chemical (DusClean), equipment (MistRunner), and knowhow to reduce stickies & linting on the dryer cylinder surface.


  • MistRunner

    *Specially designed air curtain with over 90% spraying efficiency

    *Heat-proof in dryer hood at more than 120˚C / 248˚F

    *Double-nozzle for wide and high-speed paper machine


  • DusClean

    *Establishes a protective coating that prevents stickies buildup and linting.

    *Components: vegetable, mineral, synthetic & silicone oil + wax emulsion


  • **Utilize MistRunners to apply passivation chemistry on each side of paper

    *Establishes stickie-free and linting-free coating on cylinder surface

    *Stickie and linting prevention effect extends to subsequent cylinders

Key Benefits

①Reduced sheet breaks⇒Increased production

②Reduced cleaning work⇒Improved productivity = Labor saving

③Improved sheet quality⇒Reduced end user complaints

④Reduced steam consumption⇒Increase drying capacity

⑤Extended doctor blade life⇒Cost reduction